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GovTech Stack The Flags 2020 CTF: Write-Up of Challenges


OSINT and Social Engineering Challenges Write-Up: Osint-challenge-6: Only time will tell! DESCRIPTION This picture was taken sent to us! It seems like a bomb threat! Are you able to tell where and when this photo was taken? This will help the investigating officers to narrow down their search! All we can tell is that it’s taken during the day! If you think that it’s 7.24pm in which...

Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro (2019): Some (Late) Thoughts


Hopefully everyone has been fine throughout the Circuit Breaker period. It’s been a difficult few months for everyone, and when things settle down the world as we know it is probably going to be very different from what we had known before.  I’m pretty late to the game, many people have probably already written about the 16-inch MacBook Pro and touted it as a great machine. I’ve been...

x86 forwarding with VPP and FRR on bare metal – Performance Numbers


Introduction For a long while, we’ve known that forwarding traffic using traditional kernel networking stack such as the Linux/BSD one won’t cut it if you’re intending to do high-performance packet forwarding. As such, from looking into solutions, it turns out that Intel’s DPDK framework for fast x86 forwarding has received considerable work since the last time I looked at...

My experience in taking the OSCP


Hi! Welcome to my maiden blog post. Given the obligatory “everybody who has completed the OSCP will write their own review about it”, here’s mine. For anyone who may not be well versed, OSCP is the Offensive Security Certified Professional certification, which, unlike other security certifications like CEH/CISSP, focuses more on practical skills. The certification comprises of...

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